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COYOTE FLAT RANCH - Western Working Morgan Horses


Greentree Gathering Storm x GTR Earls Raven

2018 Black Ee aa

Current Height at 2-1/2 Years 15 hh

9 months...13.1hh Stick Measured standing square on cement


Pictured below at 13 Months Old

Greentree Eros Storm

What an amazing colt Buzz is! Buzz is so much more than I ever dreamed of and I was expecting a lot from this little guy as he has some pretty big shoes to fill and high expectations. He finally arrived after a long trip from Texas to west central Saskatchewan, Canada at 4 am mid October 2018 and I knew instantly that he was my new heart horse that I've been searching for. Everyday I am more impressed and more in love with him. Now for him to grow and mature and earn his right to remain a prospect. Please see below pictures of his sire and a few of his ancestors.

The meaning of Eros is God of Love and Attractiveness

We had been looking for a future replacement prospect before our beloved Ching passed. We had hoped that he would bless us with a son but that wasn't meant to be. I knew what I wanted, but finding it was not easy if not almost impossible. I was looking for the whole package...a well thought out proven pedigree that was bred for a reason and had a story to tell. A colt whose parents, grand-parents, great-grandparents...well the whole pedigree were proven to be the whole package. I wanted it all...conformation, disposition, type, work ethic, pedigree, bone.

This colt is my long lost treasure that I've been searching for and waiting to find. And wait I did...for 2 years I waited for him to make his appearance. Thankyou so much Cece Yelek for giving us this amazing opportunity! GreenTree Ranch Morgans is a 2nd generation of owning, showing and breeding Morgans over 50 years.

This colt not only has proven parents and grandparents, but a whole pedigree that is proven and they all have with amazing type, build, conformation and disposition. This cross has produced a colt that is worth stopping to look at and they produced this amazing colt! Rich in OLD Cross Ranch lines and World Champions. His dam, GTR Earls Raven was bred and born on THE CROSS RANCH!!! Bought off the range at 11 years old by GreenTree Ranch, Raven is (H-Goshawk x H-Witch by H-Goshawk). To my knowledge one of the last breeding Cross Ranch Morgans if not the last. His grandsire, GreenTree Brigadier and great grandsire, GreenTree BonnieJohn are both well known multi World Champions. Lady Brigadier was a cutter! Crown Crystal was Funquest bred.

Our hopes is that he will be a future stallion prospect. He will be allowed to mature and prove himself before any decisions are made as to whether or not he will remain intack.  

Reference Pictures of Greentree Gathering Storm and his pedigree...sire to our future prospect


S Bar B Chingadero

H-Saracen x SB WindRiver Wendy

1992-September 15, 2016

Stood 2013 to 2016

15HH 100% Foundation Black

Our dear Ching recently passed on unexpectedly but lives on through many great offspring and his legacy will continue through 3 amazing fillies he gave us.

CLICK on his name or picture to visit his page for more pictures and information on this great legacy.

De Novo Shameless

Fiddler's First Command x Holiday Temptress

Stood At Coyote Flat Ranch

1999 to 2006

Shame was a 3/4 brother to the multi World Champion and Founding Star of Cowboy Dressage. He produced very pretty and athletic foals with tons of charisma and eye appeal.

14.3 Liver Chestnut